Die cutting is the process of using shaped blade tools that can produce precise forms, holes and indentations in materials. The end result is a dimensionally accurate product that can be installed directly (gaskets, front panels, jigsaw puzzles) or can be folded into packaging or stands.

You will run into products made with die cuts from Polytronic almost daily. Our customers can be found in:

Packaging industry – advanced consumer packages >> protective shipping >> sales racks

Graphic industry – labels >> folders >> stickers >> jigsaw puzzles

Electronics industry – membrane keys >> front panels >> ID-stickers

Gaskets – automotive industry >> pumps >> forest machinery

Special cutters – high blades >> bubble wrap >> food packaging >> heat sealing.

Gasket and insulation industry

Different heights, widths, strengths and profiles of blades enable wide opportunities for serial manufacturing. Gaskets, seals, protective packaging and consumer products get their final form with a die cut.

The materials can be varied. Thin membranes need a precisely bent and joined die cut. Cutting foam requires the correct type of blade and angle.
Polytronic has been producing this kind of tools for 30 years.

We have a large selection of blade widths, angles and types in stock. The rigidity of the body material has also a significant effect on the finish. Joints will need to be perfected by TIG-welding or with support pieces.

Special tools

Polytronic designs and manufactures special tools to fulfill the needs of different branches of industry. We create blades for deep drawing molds and tools for heat molding according to our customers’ specific needs.

With an aluminum heat molding tool, you can cut and mold simultaneously. Products manufactured this way include Yoga mats, sports padding and ergonomics equipment.

Deep drawing molds and ring blades require precision. We can minimize the number of joints and TIG-weld them together. The produced de cut is dimensionally accurate and ready to attached to machinery.